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The "Celeste" garden chair is the quintessence of simple elegance and ergonomic design. Inspired by the lightness of the sky, this model combines the functionality of modern outdoor living with a touch of aesthetics, giving any room an open and inviting atmosphere - without armrests for flowing, minimalist lines.

Design and craftsmanship: With a similar design concept to the "Cassidy" model, "Celeste" presents itself with a skillful weave of twisted plastic cords, which ensure an interesting look and at the same time flexible back support. The cords are made to effectively repel moisture, making the "Celeste" an ideal companion for all weather conditions.

Robust materials: The frame of the "Celeste" is made from the same high-quality metal as the "Cassidy" model and its powder coating offers additional protection against the elements. The lack of armrests emphasizes the slim design and allows for versatile placement even in limited spaces.

Comfort without limits: The "Celeste" is not only a visual delight, but also a triumph of comfort. The soft seat cushion provides an inviting surface that invites you to linger, while the corded backrest gently hugs the body and ensures long-lasting comfort.

Lightweight and easy to care for: The combination of a lightweight metal frame and plastic cords makes the "Celeste" easy to move and store. The ease of care of this chair is another feature that makes it an ideal choice for maintenance-conscious garden lovers.

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