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Our protective cover from Garten Mö is the perfect solution for your garden furniture.
This is not a simple, thin plastic film, but a high-quality, weather-resistant cover for your beautiful garden furniture, whether for use overnight, during a rainy period or even over the winter.
The durable polyester fabric (Oxford 600) in light gray RAL7005 is waterproof thanks to the PVC coating on the inside and sealed seams ensure a long service life. Side ventilation openings ensure even drying and integrated aluminum eyelets in the hem enable quick and secure attachment. With the fastening cord and stopper, the case can be easily attached and secured.
This high-quality protective cover is the perfect solution for your garden furniture. With garden furniture shop you protect what is beautiful!

Which protective cover for which model?

Alina lounge group No. 2
Alicia corner bench groups No. 7|11 (for XL)
Alicia table group No. 10
Arabella Daybed No. -
Aruna corner bench group No. 7
Adelina Lounge Group No. 2
Bradley Daybed No. 8
Bradley Lounge Group #1
Benito Lounge Group No. 1
Brianne table group #11
Bibi lounger No. 12 (height)
Blair loungers No. 12 (height)
Blossom Daybed No. 13
Brian Lounge Group #1
Calla Lounge Group No. 1
Cathy corner bench group no.
Caesar lounger No. 12
Cedric single lounger no. 15
Cedric-Double double lounger No. 3 (height)
Cameron tables No. 8|9|10|11
Chiara corner bench group No. 7
Charleen corner bench group no. -
Cassidy Lounge Group No. -
Celeste Lounge Group #1
Catalina table groups No. 10|11
Camilo table group No. 11
Devin Table No. 10|11
Emily table no. 12|8|9
Ernesto corner bench group no. -
Emilio lounger no. 15
Gennaro lounger no. 15
Hazel table no. 12|8|10
Ignacio corner bench group no. 7
Indira Daybed No. -
Indira Deluxe Daybed N: -
Juliet Lounge Group No. 19
Katja table group No. 19
Kenny table group No. 10|11
Kiki table group No. 11
Korina table no. 12|9|10
Liliane corner bench group No. 4
Lexy tables No. 10|11
Letizia lounge elements No. 3
Mandy table no. 12|8|9
Monique lounge elements No. -
Mirella corner bench group No. 4|11
Milo corner bench group No. 10
Maurice loungers No. 12 (height)
Maurice Lounge Group No. 4
Mac tilting lounger no. -
Marcella table no. 12|10|11
Marco lounge groups No. 19
Massimo table group No. 8|10|11
Naomi corner bench group No. 2|7
Napoleon Lounge Group No. 19(!)
Olena corner bench group No. 1|2|11
Phoenix corner bench group No. 7|11
Remus lounger number 15
Pink rocking chair No. -
Ria lounger no. 15
Ria Lounge Group No. 13
Rodrigo lounge group no.
Rocco lounger no. 15
Luffy pendulum umbrella No. 16
Rocco-Wood lounger No. 15
Stephan double loungers No. 8 (height)
Stephan lounger No. 15
Stephan Lounge Group No. 17
Sebastiano lounger no. 12
Sienna Daybed No. 8
Sienna Lounge Group No. 17
Sancho lounge group no.
Sari lounger No. 12 (height)
Timea lounger no. 15
Thassia corner bench group No. 7
Thassia table group No. 7
Umi corner bench group no.
Victoria table group No. 8|10|11
Wesley tilting lounger No. -
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